pussymajyyk said: [txt] that’s ok. take all the time u need :(? i still need 2 get my checked bags 2 ((oky doky, i do have something almost done that can go either way if you want me to))

[text] can’t wait to see you, rolal! i’m on my way.

[txt] I just landed :3 just wanted 2 know who 2 lok out 4? *Look

[text] oh shit! it’s been a nightmare over here, babe. give me twenty minutes and i’ll be out there on my bike.


eh i wouldnt know i dont think i ever got my hands on the stuff

never really cared for the way opiates made me feel

but im dave

pretty sure your the one that droog or dooj or whatever is always sassying up

mr arthritis

Yeah? Nice to meetcha. Name’s Rousseau. Mr. Arthritis is my man, yeah, got the collar and everything to prove it.

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i dont know exactly what happened to her but she went to visit droog#2 and we found her last night and took her to the hospital
shes been in surgery all day droog wont tell me what happened

rehab is unrelated im just a gross pill popper

Jesus. I’ll kill him, I’ll fucking kill him. Let me know more as soon as you get any news, okay? Goddamn it!

We’ll deal with that later. Fucking hell, I wish this was a dream.

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sagaciouscupule said: something bad happened to kedi and i think im goin to rehab

Wait wait wait, what? What the fuck’s going on? What the hell did I miss? I can’t leave any of you alone for a fuckin’ day.

callthecatamite said: nothing thats better than a drug induced stupor

Nothing beats the morphine dream, yeah?

Who the hell are you, anyway?

I live!

So what I miss while I’ve been in a drug-induced stupor?

ahhh i’m home!! i’m home i’m home

and i want to apologize for my spotty attendance, i’ve been in and out of the hospital with pretty heavy medical issues and i’m really sorry ;n; i’m going to be catching up on things today

luckily my writing buddy monroe (bb’s new pickle inspector) is with me, so we’ll be hanging out together while i get better

uwu i love you all


Just.. don’t leave me again. Okay? I don’t think I could handle that a second time. I’ve never felt a pain like that before, and I’ve had my spine broken twice.


I won’t, love. If Droog would let me, I’d move in with you. But for now I’ll be sure to let you know when I’m out of my apartment. <3

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Hehehe. If you say so. *You carefully place a cupcake upon his forehead. Then you lay back and watch what happens next.*